Teatime reading (18th June 2014)

I have finally managed to catch up with things on my To Read List. Here are some interesting pieces I have read recently.

Porklife – another good read from the online weekly Mosaic from the Wellcome Trust about building the perfect pig. As a society we are becoming more conscious about the meat we eat, but buying organic free-range meat is a) expensive and b) not viable for everyone. What to do? Can we breed animals that are better suited to a farming lifestyle?

Another good read from Mosaic, this time looking at the grand vision of providing free public gyms in Brazil. You’d think that Brazil is full of slim bikini clad beauties, but a large proportion of the population, especially those poorer areas, do not have access to gyms or fitness programs. With diabetes, obesity and heart disease on the increase, something had to be done.

What the NHS can learn from the aviation industry. One man’s mission. An amazing story (found via Not Exactly Rocket Science).

A fascinating and horrifying story – treating syphilis with malaria in pyrotherapy asylums (found via Not Exactly Rocket Science).

Hayfever season is in full swing, so it was interesting to read this piece about what we know and don’t know about seasonal allergies. If we are to take the research at face value, placebos are the answer…. (found via Not Exactly Rocket Science).

A brilliant and intense piece looking at understanding the science and ethics of BIID (Body Integrity Identity Disorder) and what it means for people who live with the feeling that a part of them does not belong to them.


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