Teatime reading (9th February 2016)


Looking for something to read during your tea break? Here’s what I’ve enjoyed reading recently:

Mind boggling

Out of your mind: A story about the neurologist who hacked his brain – and nearly lost his mind. A man truely dedicated to his science.

Open your mind: LSD and ecstasy are starting to make a come-back in psychotherapy. It is very hard to think of these drugs as anything other than evil and dangerous, but some therapists seem to show that there may be another side to them. Fascinating and just a bit scary!

Mind over matter: Can we condition our bodies to believe we are receiving medicine when we are not? It seems we might – great prospect for cutting side effects and costs of drug regimes in e.g. organ transplant patients.


A heart wrenching and beautiful piece about what it’s like to get Alzheimers, from an investigative journalist who is chronicling the progression of his disease.

A nice piece about what it means for older adults with autism to finally get the right diagnosis.

Apparently we know don’t know very much about the menopause – time to talk about it some more.

Clinical genetics is full of promises, and potential heart ache if the research backing it isn’t proven.


Ever wondered why you don’t loose weight as planned even when you stick to your ‘correct’ calorie intake? A calorie isn’t always a calorie apparently. Time for a new way of weighing up our nutrition.

The banana industry as we know it is unsustainable and under threat. Time to make some changes before disease wipes out the world’s crops. This is serious!


What’s Craig Venter up to now? He wants to help us live longer and better with the help of personalised medicine. Can he deliver?


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