Celebrating Women in Science

For the first International Day of Women and Girls in Science last week, the Institute of Physics asked people to nominate their “favourite female scientist”. My colleagues had no problems naming great women who had influenced their science and career (other than perhaps having to narrow it down!) – personal mentors who were important in their career, great scientists who had shaped their research fields, those who had been influential in shaping science in their home countries. I could have spent all day taking photos, but had to stop somewhere! Our “favourite female scientists” can be found alongside many others who took part on the day, collected together in a storify by @sciencequines. I was bowled over with the response we got across social media, but a single post doesn’t seem to do justice to the wonderful inspiring stories we exchanged. So with my colleagues’ permission, I am sharing them here. None of our “favourite female scientists” were chosen just because they were female. They are great scientists, great mentors, great people. And for that they are admired, respected, cherished. That surely is reason to celebrate them. Click on the pictures below to read our stories.



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