Teatime reading April 2016

Better late than never and just in time for the long weekend here in Germany. Here’s what I have been reading recently.

Women’s health

Menstruation has long been a taboo topic but now slowly but surely it is being tackled in the media and several related stories have come to my attention recently. This recent article in Newsweek gives a good overview of projects and actions in the Fight to End Period Shaming.

Tampons and the like have mainly been designed by men. What happens if women get involved and how do the get investors interested in new ideas? The Tampon of the Future.

Periods might be difficult to manage at the best of times, but what about in far flung and awkward situations – like in outer space?

The importance of having the end consumer and user (i.e. women) involved in developing items for women is also apparent when thinking about designing a more modern milk pump.

The C Word

One man’s quest for a really brutal surgery to try and fight back his rare and terrible cancer.

How this tattoo artist is helping women who have survived breast cancer to feel beautiful again.

In other news

The interesting story of how the pre-natal test for Down’s syndrome came to be.

When does a human become a cyborg? Does an IUD count? And why not?

A really fascinating and wonderful story of how British scientists got to take a look at a volcano in North Korea and the challenges and achievements associated with doing so.

The disease that takes your words but leaves your thoughts

A truely beautifully written piece about a mouse brain and what it has taught neuroscientists.

One man’s journey to carry out an extreme DIY microbiome makeover to combat his gut troubles. Not for the faint-hearted. Don’t try this at home!

Alzheimer’s is a scary diagnosis. This uplifting account follows one patient as she strives to enjoy every moment for what it is and works to challenge the way we perceive those with the disease. Inspirational.






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