My writing

I also regularly write pieces for the EMBL news portal. Here you will find more details….

and more specifically:

Taking crystallography to the next dimension – Crystallography but not as we know it. Setting up time-resolved crystallography in Hamburg (30 August 2016)

Enzyme with a dual purpose loop – Sometimes science doesn’t go the way you expect it to. The study of the structure of a group of enzymes reveals surprising mechanism. (10th May 2016)

The cellular crystal factory – EMBL scientists analyse protein crystals inside the cells that made them. A new tool for structural biologists? (18th January 2016)

One gene, two proteins, one complex – Fascinating insights into how bacteriophage enzymes degrade Clostridia cell walls (15th January 2016)

Pol III: Completing the family album – Solving the largest and most elusive RNA polymerase III with Cryo Electron Microscopy (25th November 2015)

From side-project to valuable resource – EMBL Hamburg PhD student talks about developing a database for scattering data (14th September 2015)

Science, society & serendipity – An interview with founding father of Cryo Electron Microscopy Jacques Dubochet (24th August 2015)

The curious case of the bi-specific enzyme – The story of one user’s experience at the Sample Preparation and Characterisation facility in Hamburg and how together they shed light onto the bi-specific properties of a cyanobacteria enzyme (18th June 2015)

Attack from all sides – Hamburg-led tuberculosis study demonstrates the power of collaboration (20th February 2015)

Light years ahead – As EMBL Hamburg celebrates 40 years, we explore the past, present and future of crystallography (26th January 2014)

Lighting the way – EMBL Hamburg celebrates four decades of vision, pioneering research and beamline services (11th December 2014)

20 years in the making – First complete picture of flu virus polymerase. A story of two decades of blood, sweat and sneezes (19th November 2014)

International connections – Determining the structure of a protein complex involved in neuron guidance in a collaboration spanning three continents (8th August 2014)



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